Burning CD and DVDs

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Keyboard Shortcut
Burn to Disc

Mac: ⌘-B
Windows: Ctrl-B

Photo Mechanic takes care of your backup needs by burning images to CD/DVD, across multiple disks and with all the power of Variables, Renaming, etc.

Make a selection of images and choose File/Burn Photos to Disk or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘B.

  • RAW+JPEG Handling: If the selected images include any RAW+JPEG pairs then you can choose to burn them as a ‘pair’, JPEG only or RAW only.
  • Parent folder hierarchy: Use this menu to choose the structure of your burned discs. You can choose to burn no parent folders which will place all of your files on the root of each disc. Using “One level” will cause the parent folder of each image to be put on the root of the disc, with the photos placed inside. Using “Two levels” will cause the two parent folders of each image to be put on the root of the disc, with the photos placed inside the immediate parent folder.
  • Burn WAV files: This will cause any sound annotations associated with a photo to be placed on the disc when the photo is placed on the disc.
  • Additional files...: Use this button to place additional non-image files on your discs. Things like readme text files, license agreements, usage terms, etc can be placed on the first disc or on all discs in a series.

At the bottom of the dialog is a section describing how much space the selected images will occupy on the CD or DVD, and how many CDs or DVDs will be need to complete the operation (image collections can be burned to a multi-volume set).

Click ‘Start’ to proceed to begin the burning process. Burn Photos to Disc will ask you for discs, one at a time until all photos are burned. You can burn DVDs and switch to CDs at each disc insert opportunity. The correct number of files will be burned based on the capacity of each disc. This way you can use cheaper CDs to finish up the last few files of a large group of photos.