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Color management in Photo Mechanic is quite straightforward. It is recommended that you use a properly calibrated monitor to make sure that the color you see is accurate. Photo Mechanic uses the system monitor profile to display correct color.


In Preferences, under the Color Management tab, you can choose the ICC profile which you would like Photo Mechanic to use if an image has no profile defined.

In the Contact Sheet view you can toggle CM on and off with the CM icon in the top right-hand corner. In the Preview screen you can do the same thing.

Turning off CM for thumbs or previews will speed up image display at the expense of less accurate color.

Embed Profile

This command is found under the Tools menu and allows embedding of profiles into JPEGs using either predefined color spaces like sRGB and Adobe RGB(1998), or custom profiles for output devices.


Use the check box to replace any existing profiles, otherwise the operation will only work with non-colormanaged images.

Note that Photo Mechanic does not convert the image data to the profile, it merely tags the image with that profile - the same as the ‘Assign Profile’ command in Adobe Photoshop.