Copying and Moving Photos

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Copy Photos

Keyboard Shortcut
Copy Photo

Mac: ⌘-Y
Windows: Ctrl-Y

Copies or moves selected photos to a specified destination folder. To copy one selected photo you can use the right-click context menu and choose Copy Photo... You can also use drag and drop to copy or move photos by dragging a selection of photos to the Favorites or Navigator, or even another application like the Finder (Mac) or Windows Explorer (Windows).

Note: Drag and drop of a camera disk ignores any Canon “MISC” folders when present in the camera disk’s DCIM folder.

When photos are selected in a Contact Sheet you can right-click on a different Contact Sheet tab, or to folders in the "Favorites " and "Navigator" panes and move or copy photos in that manner.


To copy a multiple selection of photos use Copy Photos... command on the File menu or the keyboard shortcut ⌘Y.

  • RAW+JPEG Handling: If the selected images include any RAW+JPEG pairs then you can choose to copy them as a ‘pair’, JPEG only or RAW only.
  • Apply IPTC Stationery: Applies the current IPTC Stationery Pad to the images as they are copied.
  • Move Photos: This option ‘moves’ the image as opposed to ‘copying’ the image. The original is deleted. Note that the Copy button changes to ‘Move’ and the title of the dialog window changes to ‘Move Options’
  • Overwrite: When checked, files at the copy/move destination with the same file names as the ones being transferred will be overwritten with the source files. Name collision resolution will not be performed and the files at the destination will be destroyed in the process. The Overwrite option is off by default and the option is set to be cleared by default each time the Copy dialog is opened.
  • Always clear ‘Move photos’ option when showing this dialog: If you always want this dialog to revert to a Copy dialog at each use, then check this option. Having this option on will cause the Move photos option to be unchecked the next time you use this dialog.
  • Copy WAV files: Copies any WAV files that are associated with the selected images.

Rename Copied Images As : Renames the images as they are copied using the normal Rename functions. Checking this box will activate the renaming text box with all the power of Variables to create new names for the copied files.

  • Destination: This box contains four options on where your files are going to be placed:
    • Original folder: Copies files back to the same folder as the original file. If filename collisions occur then the new files will be renamed according to your renaming resolution choice.
    • Create subfolder: Creates a subfolder in the same folder where the original file resides. You can use variables to create the name of your subfolder. For example, to add the date to the folder name, you can add {date}
    • Copy to this folder: Copies files to the base path plus an additional (optional) subfolder. You can use variables to create the name of your subfolder
    • Always pick destination: Allows you to choose where the files are copied/ moved to each time you perform the copy/move operation.

  • Open destination as Contact Sheet: Creates a new Contact Sheet tab of the destination folder as the files are copied or moved.