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Camera Bits, Inc.

  • Dennis Walker, Concept, Application Design and Engineering

  • Kirk A. Baker, Application Design and Engineering
  • Bill Kelly, System Architecture, Application and Web Engineering
  • Jerry Hebert, Application and Web Engineering
  • Bob Russell, Technical Support Manager
  • John Keel, Tech Support

  • Katie Werremeyer, Chief Operating Officer
  • Mick Orlosky, Director of Customer Communications
  • Jamie Brown, Sales Lead
  • Amy Bowers, Sales
  • Katy Zukas, Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Manual written by Nick Rains, Kirk A. Baker, and Mick Orlosky

Camera Bits, Inc. would like to thank the following for their support and ideas:

  • Rob Galbraith (
  • Kevin Gilbert, Nick Didlick, and Reed Hoffmann of Blue Pixel
  • Bob Deutsch of USA Today
  • David Breslauer
  • David Riecks - Provided a sample set of his Controlled Vocabulary for use in the Structured Keywords editor. You can purchase the full version at:

The Design Team at Momenta Creative

Jordan Karr-Morse: Icon Design

Photo Mechanic uses software contained in the following libraries:

  • libjpeg (
  • libtiff (
  • Adobe XMP (
  • libxml (
  • libiconv (
  • SDL (
  • libresample (
  • ZLib (

This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group. TIFF support is © 1988-1996 Sam Leffler and © 1991-1997 Silicon Graphics Inc. This product contains Polar SpellChecker 5.0 from Polar. Copyright © 1998-2003. All rights reserved.