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Recognized File Types

Image File Formats

BMP Windows Bitmap
EPS-TIFF Encapsulated Postscript with TIFF preview
GIF Graphics Interchange Format
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
PSD Photoshop (saved in maximum compatibility mode)
PICT Mac Pict format
PNG Portable Network Graphics
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
TGA Targa

RAW file formats

ARW Sony RAW Format
CR2 Canon RAW Format
CRW/THM Canon RAW/THM pair
DNG Digital Negative Format
ERF Epson RAW Format
IIQ Phase One RAW Format
MOS Leaf RAW Format
NEF Nikon RAW Format
ORF Olympus RAW Format
PEF Pentax RAW Format
RAF Fuji RAW Format
RAW Panasonic/Leica RAW Format
SR2 Sony RAW Format
SRF Sony RAW Format
STI Sinar RAW Format
TIF Canon 1D/1Ds RAW TIFF Format
X3F Sigma RAW Format

Movie file formats

AVI Windows AVI
MOV QuickTime Movie
MPEG4 MPEG 4 Movie

Where a file format is not properly recognized, Photo Mechanic will attempt to retrieve any embedded tiff/jpg previews. In many cases, such as with digital backs from Phase One, the resulting thumbnail will be very small. If the Enlarge photos to fit preview and slide show option is set in Preferences > Preview, then Photo Mechanic will enlarge this preview to fill the window and the image may look "pixellated."

Some file formats may need QuickTime from Apple to be installed. These formats are GIF, PICT, BMP and TGA. All movie files need QuickTime to be displayed as thumbs. Macs should have QuickTime already installed, so this applies to Windows computers only.