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Notes regarding known technical issues with Photo Mechanic that may affect current users. Last updated: 4 October 2018

Apple OS X 10.14 "Mojave"

32-Bit Alert
Users on macOS 10.14.x may see a dialog the first time they run Photo Mechanic version 5 telling them that Photo Mechanic is "not optimized." This is because Apple will be requiring all applications to be 64-bit compatible with the next OS release. Rest assured that Photo Mechanic will work as intended on Mojave, and the next major release of Photo Mechanic will be fully 64-bit compatible.


Zenfolio's current upload interface requires components not supported by Photo Mechanic version 5. However, the next major version of Photo Mechanic will again be able to upload to Zenfolio.

Prior versions of macOS (previously known as OS X)

Microsoft Windows 10

No known issues reported with Windows 10