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Photo Mechanic operates almost identically on both Apple® OS X® and Microsoft® WIndows® operating systems. The main difference between the two are that OS X includes utilities like Spotlight Search and RAW Conversion. Also, some of the keyboard shortcuts and modifier keys are different. .

Preferences appear the same with minor layout differences and the absence of the RAW tab on the Windows version.

Keyboard Shortcuts: The keyboard shortcuts list at the end of the manual is the Mac list, fortunately all the shortcuts are specified on all the menus themselves so it’s easy to see what the Windows equivalent will be. Mostly the differences are the combinations of modifier keys:

Menu macvswin.jpg
Example of OS X vs. Windows shortcuts

Option (OS X) and Alt (Windows and OS X) are not really equivalent. The Option key is the modifier key on the Mac

Ctrl (OS X) = Ctrl (Windows) and appears like a caret ^ on the Mac menus

Shift (OS X) = Shift (Windows). The Shift key is the modifier key in the Windows version

Command (⌘) has no direct equivalent. In most cases the Ctrl key will have the same effect in Windows. For example, a ⌘-click in the Preview window will zoom in, use Ctrl-click on Windows for the same result.

For the purposes of clarity the ⌘ key symbol has been used in most places in this manual. Windows users please use the ‘Ctrl’ key instead in most cases. But, consult the full list of Keyboard Shortcuts for both OS X and Windows to get the exact key combinations.

Finder vs Explorer: In Apple OS X, you'll often use the system tool "Finder" to browse for files on your computer. In Microsoft Windows, you'll probably use the system tool "Windows Explorer." If you see the term "Finder" in this manual, you can usually substitute "Windows Explorer" for Windows systems.