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So, you'd like a printed or PDF version of the Photo Mechanic manual? Great. Here are some tips on printing directly from your web browser.

First, when you choose to print pages of this wiki from your browser, the site is smart enough to know that you don't need the header and footer, and sidebar menus included. So, the printed version will look something like this:


Printing & Saving on OS X

If you're a Apple OS X user, you're fortunate enough to have a PDF printer driver built into to your OS. That means you can create PDFs right from your browser. Go to the section you'd like to print and choose File > Print from your browser. If your browser has a custom print dialog (like Chrome, for example) you may want to choose to use the OS dialog. Then you can choose to print or Save as a PDF.

You can also do this with the single-page view of the entire manual.

Windows Issues

Doing this on Windows can be a little trickier. Printing out sections should be straightforward, but getting PDFs would require additional software. If you have a third-party PDF driver for printing, then you're all set. Another option to save a local copy for is to click the "Printable version" link in the sidebar. You could then save that resulting using various tools into an offline document.

Pre-assembled PDF

Here is an example of the complete manual as a PDF, created by the method above. The formatting may not be perfect on all pages, but hopefully it will suffice for those in need of a PDF right away. This version may not be as up-to-date as the online pages, but we try to keep it updated regularly.

Photo Mechanic Version 5 User Manual PDF

Download a local copy of the hyperlinked manual

If you need a full local HTML copy of the manual with working hyperlinks and interconnected pages, one comes with Photo Mechanic! Just choose "Photo Mechanic Help" from the Help menu.