Renaming Files

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Keyboard Shortcut
Rename Files

Mac: ⌘-M
Windows: Ctrl-M

Photo Mechanic provides a full renaming facility based on Variables, much like the Ingest function. There is a Variables panel that will open to allow you to insert variables easily into the Rename string box, simply double-click on the variable to insert it into the box.

In the screenshot below, files will be renamed as previewed under “6 photos to rename” and the current Sequence number is also shown. Renaming can be done on single images or any selection.


The Variables panel provides a means of entering the variable into the rename string simply by double-clicking on it.

See Ingest for some additional renaming examples.

Note: For simple renaming you can double-click on the file name in the Contact Sheet view and simply type in a new name. Hit Esc if you make a mistake and the file name will be restored.

Renaming will not take place if the new filename field is empty.