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The User Manual Backlog

Pri Story - Users should... Comment
1 Be able to print decently-formatted manual pages There are 2 possible PDF formatting extensions. Pdf Format and PDF Writer.
1 See all screenshots Waiting on sample images for Contact sheets
3 Make sense of concepts section Want to rethink the organization of this section


There is now a StyleGuide to govern certain styling aspects of this manual

Things I changed

  • Added KB shortcuts for highlight/shadow display in Preview window

Older notes

  • Code Replacement example with Wedding Photog example for keywording
  • Added note about using Excel to create tab delmited text files
  • Scrubbed for Copyright mentions. Used ® on First instance and omitted on most later instances for Adobe and Microsoft products.
  • Added Backlog table on UserManual talk page* Added info about Rating & Color Classes in IPTC Stationery Pad
  • Added section for Video files under Preview
  • Added bit about the Snapshot button for Info Panel snapshots.
  • Added CSS for "wikitable" and "Prettytable" class to
  • Added Code Replacement example with multipes + variables, including anatomy diagram
  • Added new section to Code Replacements talking about text editors and TABs
  • Added V5 info for Save, Upload & Right Arrow on IPTC Info dialog
  • Added new section for V5 crop rotations
  • Added section for Auto Ingest
  • Revised the major section "Batch Captioning With the IPTC Stationery Pad" to a more general "Working with IPTC Metadata" section
  • Made "Structured Keywords" part of the "Working with IPTC Metadata" section and is no longer its own major section.
  • Added note in Keywords section about changing existing keywords with Find Replace
  • Changed all references of "slideshow" to "Slide Show"
  • Removed references to "sorted" checkbox on Keywords panel
  • Removed "reverse path" from Structured Keywords section
  • Revised 'Preview WIndow" section to be one page. (Zoom and Crop had been on their own pages)
  • Added info for "Highlights & Shadows" control
  • Added "wikitable" class to all tables
  • Changed all KB shortcut insets to use CSS
  • Added IPTC Info keyboard shortcuts section
  • Added some V5 screenshots* Finished line-by line editing to get basic wiki formatting in place
  • Separated manual into 36 pages
  • Added all pages to "UserManual" category
  • embedded all pages dynamically into this flat view page* Removed Index for online version
  • Moved Credits to the end
  • “Thumb” -> thumbnail
  • “Shortcut keystrokes” -> Keyboard shortcuts
  • “Whilst” -> while
  • Removed duplicate section headers (included in PDF when a section spans multiple pages)
  • Changed all instances of Mac command key ⌘ to HTML notation ⌘
  • Scrubbed all “- “ PDF linebreaks
  • started using wiki table formatting
  • Added in-pages links to modifier and preferences
  • drafted CSS side box styling
  • Got tables into wiki table format - still needs styling (borders)